Legacy Photography: Why it’s so important to photograph our loved ones, now more than ever before

February 25, 2022

When COVID-19 first hit in 2020, and made its way into our communities and homes, the world collectively went into a panic. All of a sudden we were all hyper-aware of everything we touched, everyone we last came in contact with, and what our loved ones were doing to protect themselves. 

Unfortunately, for a lot of families all over the world, all that’s left of their loved ones exist in memories, photos, videos and social media posts.

We are lucky to have amazing phones that take good photos, and have tons of storage. We even have features such as “On this Day” gallery notifications to help jog our memories. But what happens when you accidentally lose all those digital files?

We all have stories of losing phone data— files, images, videos,  and contacts on our phones, never to be seen again. The HORROR! We cannot stress enough the importance of being photographed with our loved ones while we can, and the importance of having these images printed and/or framed for us to enjoy in our homes without having to scroll through our phones and social media. 

When was the last time you had your picture taken with your family that did not involve a selfie-stick (or the person with the longest arm), timer, an innocent bystander, or friends/family taking turns with their cellphones? When was the last time grandma and grandpa got dressed up nicely for a photo with the grandkids? 

Legacy portraiture is a gift that you give to your family and pass down to your future generations. These are portraits that are meant to be framed, displayed, and admired for years to come. It’s a conversation starter when inviting people in your home. It’s something to smile fondly at when sipping your morning coffee, and for the ones who’ve lost a loved one, it may be the last thing we say good night to before closing our eyes. 

Having had the honor of photographing the most amazing people for nearly 2 decades, we can say without a doubt that the most emotionally charged shoots we’ve had are the ones involving loved ones and family.

The stories we can share that have brought us to tears during a photoshoot are never-ending. Unfortunately, we’ve had clients that have passed since being photographed by us, and some have recently been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. This is why we are such advocates for documenting your lives via beautiful portraits, and turning them into art for your homes. 

If you were ever questioning when you should get the family together for a professional photoshoot —for posterity’s sake, do it now. Getting your loved ones together for a photoshoot is an experience on its own, and is a wonderful shared memory.

 Hire a professional photographer so you can finally put your cellphone down and enjoy making memories without the stress of being in charge of documenting. 

Photographing people is our passion! We take pride in taking the time to get to know our clients, and are experts at making sure your images are an authentic representation of your family —quirky personalities included! 

Is it time for a family reunion?  Or maybe you just want an excuse to get everyone together. Let us commemorate your family coming together after quarantine, with a custom family photoshoot. 

To book, contact us at hello@portraitboutique.com

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