July 1, 2022

These days, most impressions start online. If you deal with the public, lead a team, or own a business, a headshot allows your clients to get to know you prior to meeting you. If you have a website, chances are you have an About Us page. This is where potential clients get to “meet” you and your team, which ultimately allows them to make a decision on who to hire. Having a great headshot and bio are what will make you stand out and recognizable to future clients.

First impressions are generated in a fraction of a second, and these impressions can make a huge impact on who clients hire, take advice from, or even trust. Your headshot is your virtual handshake–make sure it’s a strong one.

When looking to take a headshot, it is important to find a photographer who understands the nuances of corporate or commercial photography. There are a ton of fabulous photographers out there, but each of us have a specific niche. Our studio specializes in Headshots & Branding, Family, Seniors, Pageant/Actor/Dancer, and Boudoir (or intimate). For us, the bulk of our photoshoots are Headshots & Branding. Our sessions are always booked out weeks in advance so we are constantly opening up new dates on our calendar to accommodate headshot sessions. If you are looking to book a headshot session, be sure to checkout our Headshot Specials Page.

As the preferred vendor for several commercial and private businesses in town, we are the go-to experts for team, individual, and onsite shoots. When booking headshots, the first phone call is crucial. It is important that you find a photographer who is capable of producing not just amazing images, but also someone who is able to produce uniform, consistent images for everyone on your team. When speaking to potential clients for the first time, we ask industry-specific questions. We make sure that by the time we get off the phone with a client, we have all the information we need for their specific brand.

This is important as this helps us set up our studio to accommodate your branding needs. This could mean swapping out backgrounds from white to black, lighting, specific poses, outfits, as well as editing. Our retouchers are even trained to match brand colors—down to the color of someone’s outfit.

For consistent branding purposes, we highly recommend taking updated headshots for the entire team if their headshots are more than 2-5 years old. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had a client come in to get headshots, and then ask us to composite their new image next to their team’s headshots that were either taken years ago, or by a different photographer. Although Photoshop is a wonderful thing, it takes a lot of time and effort to edit and retouch to get the all the images to look uniform. The results will never be perfect, and you may end up paying a lot more in retouching. It is still best to get everyone in for some updated headshots.

Tough to get everyone on the same schedule? No problem! If you book your entire team’s headshots with us, we offer composite editing services so you can have that “group” shot without everyone having to be physically present at the same time. Ah, the magic of technology!

So, is it time to get your team together for some updated team headshots? Send us a quick message at hello@portraitboutique.com or call/text 941.524.0888 to discuss your branding needs! We would love to photograph you!

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June 20, 2022

How to get your child noticed and booked with headshots!

If there is an industry that heavily relies on a professional headshot, it is the theater, dance, film and pageant world. Bookings are made directly based on headshots and video submissions. Like it or not, being chosen for a role, or even being chosen to audition for a role, relies on image and video submissions. 

 Sarasota is so rich in art and culture, with a multitude of theater and dance companies. We’ve been fortunate to work with local actors and dancers of all ages, throughout the years. 

The beauty about working in a community rich in arts and culture ,is that we have a lot of experience shooting headshots specific to this industry, and are familiar with the most effective poses, and general rules required for taking these type of headshots. 

For Youth Actor Headshots, the key to getting them booked, is keeping their images as natural-looking as possible. This means minimal retouching as well. There is nothing that irks casting directors more than meeting an actor who does not look like their headshots. 

Taking actor headshots should be the best representation of you—and not what you think you should look like. This is how you get cast as the character that is perfect for you! 

But headshots do not have to be boring! Showing off your child’s personality in their headshot is a wonderful way to showcase the type of character that will naturally fit their personality. 

Clothing of course depends on what is required for your child’s specific shoot. Typically what most parents bring are a good variety of casual, formal, and “fun” clothes. For casual, think everyday clothes, perhaps something they would wear to school or a casual birthday party.

For formal clothes, these are clothes they would wear when attending a wedding. Party dresses and gowns for little girls, and a 3-piece suit (dress shirt, vest, and dress pants) will work, or even just nice dress pants and a dressy top. And for “fun”, these could be costumes, or in Brion’s case, his Dad’s suit! 

Whatever you choose to put your child in, make sure it is an outfit they are comfortable in, and showcase their individual personality.

Now that school’s out, it is the perfect time to get your kids in our studio! Getting headshots done is an experience in itself, and teaches our kids all the moving parts it takes to make it as an actor or dancer. A lot of times, we have families come in for a shoot, and then leave to have lunch somewhere special afterwards, as the kids will be dressed up and/or have their hair and makeup done.

Are you ready to book your child’s close up? Is casting call around the corner? Send us a quick message at hello@portraitboutique.com or call/text 941.524.0888. We’d love to see you in our studio!

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April 22, 2022

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to pay tribute to the women that have made us who we are, by sharing a few of our favorite Mother/Child Portrait Session images with you. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—these are probably one of the most emotionally-charged shoots we have. 

When we think of a modern-day Mom, we see them scurrying around, phone in one hand, Starbucks cup in the other, documenting their kids’ daily lives by taking photographs, keeping up with the family calendar, doctor’s appointments, PTAs, after-school activities etc. 

Scroll through social media, and you’ll see post after post of your friends and families children—but often, Mom is not present in the picture. Mom is on the opposite side of that camera, asking her kids to please sit still,  smile, and “quit fighting with your brother/sister”. 

Why not celebrate motherhood by putting that phone down, getting dolled up, and have other people tell your children to sit still and smile—hah!

Or maybe you’re an adult child, and want to honor your mother’s legacy by getting photographs taken with her. Whatever stage you are in life, taking beautiful photographs with your children or your own Mom is a special and memorable experience—one you get to enjoy and keep for years to come. 

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 8—we are putting on a Mother’s Day Special: Mother/Child Portrait Session on April 30! 

For our Special Pricing of $390, your Mother/Child Portrait Session includes a 1-hour in-studio session, and 2 retouched high-resolution images–and lots of awesome memories! 

Only 2 spots are left, so make sure to book now before spots run out!

To book: hello@portraitboutique.com

Or call/text: 941.524.0888

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April 14, 2022

Our children grow up way too fast. It almost seems as if you blink your eyes and all of a sudden they are just a little bit taller, just a little wiser, and a lot more independent. Before you know it, they go from High School Grads to College Grads, ready to start their grown up careers. 

This is the best time to add a LinkedIn profile to their list of social media platforms. Why not help your College Grad’s LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest by making sure they have a professional headshot to start their career with. 

We have been so blessed to photograph generations of families! We love when our client’s children come back to us years later, ready to take headshots just like their parents. 

In a world full of selfies, and cropped profile pictures from group shots—it is even more important to invest in a professional headshot for your College Grad. Not only does it help them get noticed by recruiters, and potential employers, but it also teaches them the importance of personal and professional branding.

We can’t be the only ones telling our kids to watch what they post online, after all, things posted online tend to stay online. Let their headshot be the image that comes up when searched on Google. Already having a professional headshot is a wonderful way to enter the work force. It is these unspoken details that we invest in, that tell a story about who we are before an in-person meeting. A curated online presence is key in getting other people interested in choosing you, and ultimately investing in you.

Headshots don’t have to be boring! When you book with us, we make sure that every final image is an accurate, but professional representation of your College Grad. Depending on the industry they plan on building a career in, we tailor our shoots so that the final images are specific to their industry of choice.

Do you have a child in college? We’d love to photograph their very first headshots!

To check out or portfolio, or to book a headshot head over to the Headshot Specials page on our website: www.portraitboutique.com/headshot-specials.

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March 17, 2022

If someone pulls their phone out right now, and asks you to strike the most professional pose you can muster—what would that pose look like? 

Take a quick scroll through your LinkedIn—which images look the most professional and polished? Here’s a hint: It’s probably not the car selfie, or the badly pixilated image cropped from a group photo. 

You’ve probably heard of the term “power pose” or “money shot”—these generally refer to images that convey you at your most confident, powerful, and most flattering. These are the images that you want to be your client’s first impression. 

We put so much time and effort in making sure we look our best when meeting potential clients in person, down to how firm our handshake should be. First impressions are everything in general—but especially in business. 

Professional Headshot Photographers are well-versed in the psychology of pose and expression. Just like you have put in the hard work of learning and mastering your craft, we have, too. 

Our first call with a potential client is crucial. When booking with us, we ask the following questions:

  1. ) What industry do you work in?
  2. ) What are your marketing requirements? (branding colors, background, outfit colors, image size and crop etc.)
  3. ) What will you be using your images for? (digital or print)

Based on those 3 questions, we can tailor a client’s photoshoot session to their very specific needs. By the time a client shows up, outfits, backdrops, lighting, and poses have already been picked out and well thought out. 

We take care of all the details—and we mean DETAILS. We are trained to notice everything when we are in session—things you would not even think of that would matter. This could mean anything from making sure that any errant hair is pushed back in place, to making sure that your necklace is on straight.

Although Photoshop is a wonderful tool to catch anything post session, we are constantly adjusting and fixing as needed during your session, such as clipping clothing in the back so that it drapes and fits in the most flattering way, tucking undergarments in place, and arranging your hair so that it frames your face perfectly in every shot . 

We take care of coaching you through the best poses, expressions, and outfit choices for your industry, so that you can relax and be rest assured that each frame is tailor-made for you. 

Lighting set up is also another thing we make sure is on-point. Will the shoot require heavy, dramatic lighting on a dark background, or lots of bright natural light against a light background? Our studio is equipped with different colored backdrops, and have different shoot areas for both natural light and studio light portraits.

Professional hair and makeup is another service that we offer so that you don’t have to worry about looking through headshot makeup ideas on Pinterest. Our hair and makeup artist is trained in professional hair and makeup specific to the photography industry.

Immediately after a studio session, we sit down with each client for an Ordering Session, where we go over every image on a big screen monitor, to determine with ones are the best one for our clients needs. We take note of every changes needed, and any specific branding requirements prior to retouching.

And finally, our favorite part, we get to send each client an online gallery of their best images, fully retouched, and industry-ready.

Are you ready to give that selfie arm a rest, and have marketing and print-worthy images taken? We’re here for you! Send us a quick message at hello@portraitboutique.com, or give us a call/text at 941.524.0888.

Head over to the Headshot Specials page on our website for more info.

We can’t wait to photograph you!

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March 3, 2022

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of Legacy Portraits, and taking photos with your family—and somehow we (unintentionally) left out Pets Aka FUR BABIES

Our pets are such wonderful (sometimes frustrating) members of the family. Just a quick scroll through social media shows you how much we love and cherish our pets. For a lot of people, their pets become family. 

We absolutely love shoots featuring pets and their owners. We actually encourage families to include their pets when we’re photographing in their home, as it represents the family as a complete entity.  

If you’re thinking of booking a photoshoot with your pets, we’ve got some tips for you!

1.) Make sure your dogs have had a full meal and water prior to the shoot, and that you have treats and water on hand. 

2.) Do a dress rehearsal with them by brushing up on “sit”, “stay”, “lay down” commands. If there will be kids in the photograph, teaching them how to command or hold the pet helps. 

3.) Bring their favorite toys. We cannot stress enough how important it is to bring something to catch and hold their attention quickly. 

4.) Grooming such us trimming nails, and de-shedding is helpful to avoid their nails snagging on clothing, and fur getting all over the place. 

5.) Bring accessories. Is your family coordinating outfits? Your pet can be snazzy too with matching accessories such us bowties, outfits, and cool collars! 

6.) Worried that your dogs distract each other, or are rambunctious around each other? It’s all good! Lucky for you, we can always take photos individually, and composite them in Photoshop to create a seamless group picture. Recently we had a lifestyle family shoot featuring 3 of their dogs, who were adamant on play-fighting instead of sitting still. 

We took a few group shots of the family and their dogs together , and then took separate portraits of each dog sitting next to/being held by a family member, in various poses. The result was a few good photo options, instead of multiple failed attempts to keep the dogs peaceful and posed. 

7.) Have fun! Sometimes, the best pictures are the candid and raw ones. We absolutely love “in-the-moment” scenes when pets do something unexpected, silly, goofy, and just downright hilarious.

 We had a puppy shoot with a little girl, her new puppy from Santa, and the older family dog. Puppy was so sweet and peaceful—older pup—NOT HAVING IT. The cutie pie absolutely refused to sit still, did not listen to any commands, and had to be carried back into the scene multiple times because he was always running away. 

What did we do? We took a TON of back to back photos for options, let him settle down while we took more pics of the little girl and her puppy. Eventually, he got comfortable enough to walk over to the scene and sit down. Patience is key when trying to photograph pets that refuse to sit still. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that what’s normal for us is not normal for them, after all, we are strangers coming in with big flashing equipment. 

At the end of the day, the best part of booking a family custom session with your pets, is in the experience itself. Including pets in your session can lighten up the mood, and help make you and your family appear more relaxed in photos.

Interested in booking a lifestyle family shoot featuring your fur babies? You’ve come to the right place! We make every shoot an enjoyable experience for you and your family—and absolutely love the laughter and joy that family pets bring to every shoot.

Are your pets ready for their close up? Contact us at hello@portraitboutique.com or 941.524.0888

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February 25, 2022

When COVID-19 first hit in 2020, and made its way into our communities and homes, the world collectively went into a panic. All of a sudden we were all hyper-aware of everything we touched, everyone we last came in contact with, and what our loved ones were doing to protect themselves. 

Unfortunately, for a lot of families all over the world, all that’s left of their loved ones exist in memories, photos, videos and social media posts.

We are lucky to have amazing phones that take good photos, and have tons of storage. We even have features such as “On this Day” gallery notifications to help jog our memories. But what happens when you accidentally lose all those digital files?

We all have stories of losing phone data— files, images, videos,  and contacts on our phones, never to be seen again. The HORROR! We cannot stress enough the importance of being photographed with our loved ones while we can, and the importance of having these images printed and/or framed for us to enjoy in our homes without having to scroll through our phones and social media. 

When was the last time you had your picture taken with your family that did not involve a selfie-stick (or the person with the longest arm), timer, an innocent bystander, or friends/family taking turns with their cellphones? When was the last time grandma and grandpa got dressed up nicely for a photo with the grandkids? 

Legacy portraiture is a gift that you give to your family and pass down to your future generations. These are portraits that are meant to be framed, displayed, and admired for years to come. It’s a conversation starter when inviting people in your home. It’s something to smile fondly at when sipping your morning coffee, and for the ones who’ve lost a loved one, it may be the last thing we say good night to before closing our eyes. 

Having had the honor of photographing the most amazing people for nearly 2 decades, we can say without a doubt that the most emotionally charged shoots we’ve had are the ones involving loved ones and family.

The stories we can share that have brought us to tears during a photoshoot are never-ending. Unfortunately, we’ve had clients that have passed since being photographed by us, and some have recently been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. This is why we are such advocates for documenting your lives via beautiful portraits, and turning them into art for your homes. 

If you were ever questioning when you should get the family together for a professional photoshoot —for posterity’s sake, do it now. Getting your loved ones together for a photoshoot is an experience on its own, and is a wonderful shared memory.

 Hire a professional photographer so you can finally put your cellphone down and enjoy making memories without the stress of being in charge of documenting. 

Photographing people is our passion! We take pride in taking the time to get to know our clients, and are experts at making sure your images are an authentic representation of your family —quirky personalities included! 

Is it time for a family reunion?  Or maybe you just want an excuse to get everyone together. Let us commemorate your family coming together after quarantine, with a custom family photoshoot. 

To book, contact us at hello@portraitboutique.com

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January 27, 2022

Having gone through a successful rebrand recently ourselves, we thought it would be great to share our experience and thoughts with you.

What exactly is branding? 

“Branding is a way of identifying your business. It is how your customers recognize and experience your business. A strong brand is more than just a logo — it’s reflected in everything from your customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards and premises to your marketing materials and advertising” (Source: www.business.qld.gov.au)

These days with everything being on social media and the internet, the focus is very much on the importance of visual marketing (ie; images, videos, and other pieces of multimedia content) These can include images of you, your products/services, your team, office space—anything that makes your business unique. Branding is a “kit” that visually represents, and fits your business identity through specific use of color, packaging, fonts and more. 

When we first decided to rebrand, we had a very specific look, and feel in mind—Luxury and Professionalism. We had a general idea of colors, tones, and textures that we wanted, but were also open to ideas. We even did some legwork by visiting our favorite local boutiques and shops, and their respective websites. So when it finally came down to choosing our Branding Expert, it was easy for us to pick one based on our preferences. It was important for us to find someone who visually understood the direction we wanted to take our branding to. We decided to go with Ashley Ferreira (Ashley Ferreira Design (https://ashleyferreiradesign.com)— and boy did she deliver! 

Because we had changed our name from Christine Nicole Photography to Portrait Boutique by Christine Nicole, everything had to be recreated and ordered—color schemes, logos, website, email signatures, business cards, thank you cards, rack cards, packaging (designed by Christine!)—all the works! We even had our studio shutters painted to match our branding colors. Copywriting was done in-house by our Studio Manager, Mara, team headshots by Christine Nicole, and hair/makeup by Lily. Jennifer Gracin (Jennifer Gracin Photography https://www.jennifergracin.com/ ) who was coincidentally visiting from Illinois, took Christine’s stunning headshot— I mean really, how lucky are we to have talented friends in the industry? 

 When conceptualizing a “theme” for our team headshots, it was important for our images to A) be a cohesive representation of our brand as a whole  and B) represent our style of portrait photography. Our team headshots were actually one of the last tasks on our rebranding to-do list, as we wanted to make sure our images incorporated or had touches of elements included in our Branding Mood Board. 

And finally, the website. This was probably the biggest and most tedious task when it came to re-branding. Because we are in the Photography Industry, all images on our website had to be carefully chosen—right down to organizing each series of images. It really all came down to details, details, details. We went through several rounds of edits, resizing, and SEO optimizing every single image, with guidance from our Branding Expert, Ashley Ferreira. Everything you see on our website, from logo placement, font type, colors, and styles etc were all carefully chosen. We weren’t kidding when we said details! 

So what are our thoughts on our new branding?—We are OBSESSED! Our website reveal from Ashley came on a Friday, and we had to wait an entire weekend to see it just so our team could view the website together. The best way we can describe our website and branding is—this is SO us, and this is SO our clients! That is the moment we collectively took a sigh of relief, and some hugs and high-fives were exchanged. Our job was done.

What can branding photography do for you, and why is it important to hire a photographer who understands branding? 

Personal branding photography represents your business as a whole without saying a word. The branding images you take should fit your target demographic’s “visual identity” in a way that is familiar, comfortable, or inspiring to them. Brand association is what helps you stand out from the competition. Think about how and why you pick and choose the brands you buy from.

Lucky for you, we are experts in DETAILS! Each branding session we do comes with a style and concept consultation first. Outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and makeup are all meticulously planned and carefully chosen prior to your shoot, so that all you have to do is show up. The work does not stop there for us, we work with you through each outfit change, walk you through poses, and our assistants are trained to make sure that your hair and outfits are in place during your entire session. During each ordering session, we sit with our clients to pick their favorites (probably the hardest task for our clients as they end up loving many!), and take notes on specific changes and edits needed to be done when retouching. Our final goal is for you to see yourself the way your clients should see you! 

Is it time to take your branding to the next level? Contact us at hello@portraitboutique.com. We look forward to photographing you! 

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January 24, 2022

So many thoughts are going through my mind right now, as I reflect back on nearly 2 decades (!!!) of doing what I love—warning: long post ahead. 

 17 years ago when I was waiting in line at the St. Petersburg, FL courthouse, eager to obtain a business license to start my own photography business, I knew 2 things for sure— I wanted to work for myself, and that a camera was my tool of choice. I had no business experience, but I was no stranger to hard work. I started working at the age of 14/15, holding 2- 3 jobs at the same time. At 18 years old, I had worked my way up as a manager at a famous fast-food chain—I knew then at such a young age, that I had what it takes to run a business. I wish there was a way to watch a highlight reel of my life from that day at the courthouse, to now.  Wish I could use a remote control to replay and pause the best parts, re-watch moments when lessons were learned, and milestones were made. My journey as a photographer and business owner has been a fun and crazy road trip—with you, my clients, as fuel getting me through each milestone.

  If I was asked to write a guidebook on how to be a successful portrait photographer, my intro would be lengthy, and my dedication page never-ending. There are so many things I can attribute to becoming a successful photographer—drive, passion, hard-work, purpose—but the bulk of it goes to the people who have been in front of my camera, entrusting me to record their memories and experiences, and the people behind-the-scenes—mentors, educators, friends, family (you all know who you are!). You see, becoming a master at what you do takes a village—no matter how self-made and independent you think you are. It is for my “village” that I am most grateful for. 

 I cannot even put into words how much growth 17 years of being in this industry has brought me. I could just laugh and cry thinking of all the ups and downs, monumental errors, and happy mistakes I’ve made trying to make a name for myself in this industry. I remember when I used to do it all by myself, wearing all the hats, taking on all the jobs.  

 If I could go back and talk to that little 14 year old me, wide-eyed and eager to make an impression on the world, I would tell her —do exactly what you are doing now, and be as fearless as you are now, because one day, you’re going to wake up living the life you always dreamed of. 

Hard to believe we’re in 2022! 

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve had some time to reflect on the whirlwind year 2021 was, and get you all caught up on what’s new and what’s to come for Portrait Boutique.  As some of you may know, this is the 7th year I’ve owned my studio, and excited to announce that I will be adding a brand new building behind our current one as my business expands to commercial/rental real estate. My team has also grown, adding Mara as my Studio Manager, and Lily as my Hair and Makeup Artist. We’ve also successfully re-branded to Portrait Boutique by Christine Nicole, and have a beautiful new website (www.portraitboutique.com). With the current re-brand comes big changes—please stay tuned for our announcements!  

Before I sign off, I leave you this: To all the aspiring photographers and business owners— my advice to you is GO FOR IT, PUSH through it. There are no fails when you seek out to do what you love for a living, only lessons learned. You just need to be eager and open, and willing to learn from your mistakes. CONNECT with your clients on a level where you build trust. It is through this connection that you build a successful business with loyal followers. Keep a Customer Service hat on at all times, and provide the level of service you would like to receive. Value is perception—treat your clients with the highest level of care , and you will be regarded as a high-value business owner. 

 Xoxo, Christine Nicole

as told to Mara Cunningham 

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November 11, 2021

This is Part 2 of our Portrait Chic Style Series

Made famous by the style icon, Coco Chanel, the Little Black Dress, also known as LBD, has been a girl’s best friend (next to diamonds, of course!) for many decades. 

From long to short, casual to dramatic, the LBD is the ultimate wardrobe classic. With a few key accessories, and shoes, an LBD is an instantly chic and universally flattering outfit. These days, you can find different iterations of this classic to fit your budget and style. 

Picking out the perfect one is a matter of preference, but if you need some tips on choosing the perfect one for your portrait session, or just came here for some inspo pics, read on! 


When going over outfit choices with our clients, we always suggest picking a fit that is flattering  to their body type—for women this usually means a silhouette that hugs closer to your natural curves without being too tight. 

Sheath/A-Line- This silhouette is by far the most universally flattering. This figure grazing cut just skims lightly over your curves, and is nipped perfectly at the waist. The bottom half hugs just a bit at the first hip, and then drapes straight down without hugging the thighs. 

Pencil or Tulip- Always classic, and super flattering for creating or enhancing an hourglass figure.

Bodycon- This one says it all. Think Herve Leger’s iconic Bandage dress. FULL curves ahead! Not for the faint of heart, this is a va-va-voom style dress. 

Skater/Flared- Another flattering silhouette that can both create or conceal curves.  

Empire- This one has a waist line that ends just underneath the bust, and sits above the waist. If you want attention to your bust line, or want to add the illusion of more curves up top—this is the one you pick. This also helps shorten a longer torso.

Drop-waist- En vogue during the roaring 20’s, and the opposite of empire, this one creates the illusion of a longer torso, bringing the waist down to just above, or on the first hip.


The general rule of thumb when choosing a skirt length for your professional headshots, is to first go by your company’s dress code (usually four or five finger height from the bottom of your dress to the top of your knees). If there isn’t a dress code, pick a skirt length that you can sit comfortably in for sitting poses, without exposing too much. 


Just because it’s black, it doesn’t have to be boring! Textures such as lace, flounces, pleats, add interest, and if strategically placed, can help create figure-flattering optical illusions. Perfectly placed darts, seams and visible stitching can also add flattering illusions to an otherwise plain dress. 


Just kidding, it’s black! However, pay attention the the type of fabric you pick. Satin reflects any light source, and a matte fabric like velvet or cotton absorb light. If you want to subtly balance out your body, this is a fun way to play with shadow and light.


The best part about wearing an all-black ensemble is that it is the best backdrop for jewelry, belts, brooches, scarves and shoes. Not sure what to wear with your LBD? Start with your can’t live without or sentimental accessory first and then build from there. Maybe you’re a statement necklace type of person, start with that as your anchor piece, and then build from there. When coming in for a portrait session at our studio, we work with what you have, and add from our own collection of accessories if needed. 

Whatever style or cut you choose, always remember that the best outfit is the one that makes you feel great about yourself!

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