Sarasota Portrait Photographer-When In Doubt, Wear a Blazer.

November 11, 2021

This blog is Part 1 of our Portrait Chic Style Series

Welcome to Part 1 of our Portrait Chic Style Series where we share our favorite fashion and beauty tips for your next best headshot or portrait session!

An important component of our portrait photography services is our style consult, and style guide. Depending on what type of service is booked, every client receives a detailed style guide via email at the time of booking, or schedules an in-person or video call style consult with us. We are all about making sure no one gets behind our camera lens in the wrong outfit. We even encourage our clients to text us photos of their outfit ideas!

Today’s topic is all about our top favorite “when in doubt” pieces: The perennially chic and classic blazer! 

Much like its equally important sibling the LBD (Little Black Dress), this is what you pull out of your closet when you want to look instantly polished, and put together. Whether you pair it with jeans, and a white t-shirt for a classic but casual look, or with matching dress pants and a crisp shirt for a more formal look—this jack-of-all-trades piece is your friend! 

Whether your blazer is custom made for you by your tailor, or purchased at a popular high-street boutique, the options are limitless when it comes to color, fit, style, fabric, and price point. Can’t decide what type of blazer to pick? Read on for our tips!


If you want to look polished, and professional you’ll want to look for a blazer with good structured shoulders, a sturdy collar and lapel, and a somewhat form fitting cut. 

You want it to be roomy enough to not strain when buttoned, and have enough room to move your arms and shoulders without feeling restrained. How the fabric lays on your body and holds the blazer’s shape is important. Depending on the season or the look you’re going for, you have a few fabrics to choose from:Brushed Cotton, Cashmere, Tweed, Woolen, and Velvet are all excellent choices. 


This is where it gets fun! It goes without saying that your blazer should be neutral enough to go with multiple outfits in your closet. 

You also want to consider where you’ll be using your portraits. If you are taking headshot portraits that will be used on a website, you might want to consider the color scheme, or branding colors of your company. If you are trying to communicate your personality through your wardrobe, color psychology might help:

RED- Excitement, Energy, Passion

ROYAL BLUE/NAVY- Trust, Responsibility, Loyalty

PINK- Compassion, Love, Playful, 

BROWN- Reliability, Stability, Comfort

GRAY- Neutral, Practical, Conservative

BLACK- Power, Authority, Discipline

WHITE- Purity, freshness, simplicity 


Single or double-breasted, one button or 5 buttons, is completely up to you.  Although seemingly a minute detail–buttons, epaulets, or even that signature frayed Chanel raw hem, can add to your overall style. Pick a style that speaks to your fashion and business sense, and matches other components of your wardrobe such as jewelry, and shoes. 


Whether it’s a wide peak, standard notch, narrow notch, or shawl style, your choice will depend on how your collar fits and flatters. 

We suggest trying on a few different styles to see which one works best for you. 


The sky is the limit here, folks! Don’t have a fancy blouse to wear to your headshot? Try layering with a quality basic–like a black long-sleeved boat neck top paired with a white blazer, and some pearls for your classic black and white look. For Spring, try pairing a crisp white shirt, or t-shirt with a seersucker blazer. Have a top that is just too blousy or doesn’t have enough structure? Put a blazer on it! Last-minute Zoom call with your team, and all you’ve got on is your concert tee? Blazer, baby! 

Buy it, rent it, or borrow it–look to this wardrobe staple if you want an instant boost of chic and polish for your next portrait session! 

Want more style advice? Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Portrait Chic Style Series! 

For more portrait session outfit inspiration, check out our gallery:

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