Why Hire a Professional Headshot and Branding Photographer?

March 17, 2022

If someone pulls their phone out right now, and asks you to strike the most professional pose you can muster—what would that pose look like? 

Take a quick scroll through your LinkedIn—which images look the most professional and polished? Here’s a hint: It’s probably not the car selfie, or the badly pixilated image cropped from a group photo. 

You’ve probably heard of the term “power pose” or “money shot”—these generally refer to images that convey you at your most confident, powerful, and most flattering. These are the images that you want to be your client’s first impression. 

We put so much time and effort in making sure we look our best when meeting potential clients in person, down to how firm our handshake should be. First impressions are everything in general—but especially in business. 

Professional Headshot Photographers are well-versed in the psychology of pose and expression. Just like you have put in the hard work of learning and mastering your craft, we have, too. 

Our first call with a potential client is crucial. When booking with us, we ask the following questions:

  1. ) What industry do you work in?
  2. ) What are your marketing requirements? (branding colors, background, outfit colors, image size and crop etc.)
  3. ) What will you be using your images for? (digital or print)

Based on those 3 questions, we can tailor a client’s photoshoot session to their very specific needs. By the time a client shows up, outfits, backdrops, lighting, and poses have already been picked out and well thought out. 

We take care of all the details—and we mean DETAILS. We are trained to notice everything when we are in session—things you would not even think of that would matter. This could mean anything from making sure that any errant hair is pushed back in place, to making sure that your necklace is on straight.

Although Photoshop is a wonderful tool to catch anything post session, we are constantly adjusting and fixing as needed during your session, such as clipping clothing in the back so that it drapes and fits in the most flattering way, tucking undergarments in place, and arranging your hair so that it frames your face perfectly in every shot . 

We take care of coaching you through the best poses, expressions, and outfit choices for your industry, so that you can relax and be rest assured that each frame is tailor-made for you. 

Lighting set up is also another thing we make sure is on-point. Will the shoot require heavy, dramatic lighting on a dark background, or lots of bright natural light against a light background? Our studio is equipped with different colored backdrops, and have different shoot areas for both natural light and studio light portraits.

Professional hair and makeup is another service that we offer so that you don’t have to worry about looking through headshot makeup ideas on Pinterest. Our hair and makeup artist is trained in professional hair and makeup specific to the photography industry.

Immediately after a studio session, we sit down with each client for an Ordering Session, where we go over every image on a big screen monitor, to determine with ones are the best one for our clients needs. We take note of every changes needed, and any specific branding requirements prior to retouching.

And finally, our favorite part, we get to send each client an online gallery of their best images, fully retouched, and industry-ready.

Are you ready to give that selfie arm a rest, and have marketing and print-worthy images taken? We’re here for you! Send us a quick message at hello@portraitboutique.com, or give us a call/text at 941.524.0888.

Head over to the Headshot Specials page on our website for more info.

We can’t wait to photograph you!

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