College Student/College Graduate Headshots: Why you should book a Headshot Session for your children in College

April 14, 2022

Our children grow up way too fast. It almost seems as if you blink your eyes and all of a sudden they are just a little bit taller, just a little wiser, and a lot more independent. Before you know it, they go from High School Grads to College Grads, ready to start their grown up careers. 

This is the best time to add a LinkedIn profile to their list of social media platforms. Why not help your College Grad’s LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest by making sure they have a professional headshot to start their career with. 

We have been so blessed to photograph generations of families! We love when our client’s children come back to us years later, ready to take headshots just like their parents. 

In a world full of selfies, and cropped profile pictures from group shots—it is even more important to invest in a professional headshot for your College Grad. Not only does it help them get noticed by recruiters, and potential employers, but it also teaches them the importance of personal and professional branding.

We can’t be the only ones telling our kids to watch what they post online, after all, things posted online tend to stay online. Let their headshot be the image that comes up when searched on Google. Already having a professional headshot is a wonderful way to enter the work force. It is these unspoken details that we invest in, that tell a story about who we are before an in-person meeting. A curated online presence is key in getting other people interested in choosing you, and ultimately investing in you.

Headshots don’t have to be boring! When you book with us, we make sure that every final image is an accurate, but professional representation of your College Grad. Depending on the industry they plan on building a career in, we tailor our shoots so that the final images are specific to their industry of choice.

Do you have a child in college? We’d love to photograph their very first headshots!

To check out or portfolio, or to book a headshot head over to the Headshot Specials page on our website:

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